About Us

You Dessert Better believes that everyone should indulge in all things good. Better lifestyle, better thinking, and of course better desserts. From simple two ingredient desserts to elaborate and intricate desserts, we feel that we deserve it all.

At You Dessert Better, we specialize in wedding cakes, custom cakes, celebration cakes and mini desserts and aim to please every taste bud. 

The owner/head baker, Ekibo Okebie-Dikio, loves baking, enjoys learning and exploring about all things desserts. Self taught, she has been able to make her passion into a business and she is very grateful to have her family and friends and repeat customers support her through it all.

When you want your sweet cravings met or need a cake to match your celebration, don’t forget to give us a call or shoot us an email so that we can create that special, beautiful, and decadent dessert that you deserve.

 You Dessert Better is a cottage food licensed bakery.